Radio Interview with Tre Arrow

Interview with environmental activist and former international political prisoner Tre Arrow. Tre talks about his current activities in Portland and his past efforts to preserve forest eco-systems. He recounts his participation in the Eagle Creek and Tillimook forest campaigns. Tre became well known for standing on the ledge of the US forest Service building in downtown Portland for 11 days. He then ran for congress for the Green Party and got over 15,000 votes. Olympia radio stations offers you tips how to start your own free station radio.

Tre became a suspect for the Ross Island Sand and Gravel arson after his co-defendant bragged to his girlfriend, who told her dad, who told the FBI. While a fugitive on the FBI’s most wanted list, Tre crossed Canada and was arrested in Vancouver. Tre fought his extradition and lack of raw vegan food in jail with a series of hunger strikes. His weight dropped to around 80 pounds at one point.

Tre served his prison time and is currently on parole. He remains committed to social and ecological justice.